Slopehill 3 Mile Walkie Talkies for Kids - Best Gifts for Kids Under $20

If you’re looking for one of the best gifts for kids under $20 that will entertain and keep them in-tuned with the real world, then these 2 mile walkie talkies are just that. Slopehill introduced a great gift option for children that are simple to use, durable and most important, will keep your kids connected with friends and family. With a range to 2 miles, you can rest assured they can always be reached indoors and outdoors. Perfect for outdoor activities, shopping at the mall or just playing around the house, you’ll be happy to know your kids can always be reached. Features include LED flashlight, nightlight, 22 channels, channel scan, channel lock and more. Not bad considering you get 2 Slopehill walkie talkies for under $20.

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