GoGirl Female Urination Device Portable Urinal- Funny Gifts for Women Under $20

At first sight, the portable urinal for women by GoGirl is one of the funniest gifts for women under $20 this year. But after realizing what it is, it’s actually one of the most practical gifts that every woman has to have. The Female Urination Device is for every woman who’s been out in public and had to urinate and either couldn’t find a place, or couldn’t find a clean restroom to use. That’s virtually every woman out there. GoGirl introduced a discreet, reusable, funnel-shaped urination device that provides a unique, revolutionary and very practical bathroom option anywhere. It’s portable moisture and germ resistant, splash resistant, 100% latex free, and because its doctor designed and made from medical-grade silicone. This is a must have for any woman and costs less than $10.

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